World Language & Culture

Each Global Village Center offers Mandarin Chinese and Spanish taught by native speakers. Instruction includes world language literacy in which children are taught the second language and world language immersion in which subjects (e.g., math, etc.) are taught in the second language. In preschool, children experience up to 50% of daily academic instruction in a second language. ( Fort Collins also offers French.)

Our instruction incorporates the 5 C’s developed by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) and others.

  1. Communication: Communication stresses the use of language in “real life” situations. It emphasizes “what students can do with language” rather than “what they know about language.”

  2. Cultures: Experiencing other cultures develops a better understanding and appreciation of the relationship between languages and other cultures.

  3. Connections: World language instruction must be connected with other subjects.

  4. Comparisons: Children are encouraged to compare and contrast languages and cultures.

  5. Communities: Our teachers, who are native speakers, help children experience language and culture in a way that emphasizes living in a diverse, global society.

For more information, please read: World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages

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