Preschool Program

Our Preschool program begins with children ages 2-1/2 years old who are ready for a full day preschool program. We offer attendance options of 5, 3, or 2 days per week.

Our preschoolers spend up to two hours a day learning Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, or a third language (which varies from Center to Center depending on the interest of the local community). An example of a third language choice is French at the Ft. Collins Center. The rest of the day, both the academic part and other activities, is conducted in English. Students learn individually, and in small and large groups through a combination of child initiated activities and teacher-guided instruction.

The HighScope® curriculum is a researched based preschool model that encourages active participation of children. The best early childhood activities build on children’s natural curiosity, are matched to children’s current and emerging abilities, and allow for exploration and variation. To learn, children must see and do things for themselves, with teachers present to support, encourage, and gently challenge them.

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