Mandarin Updates

This week we will be learning about the days of a typical week and also provide the vocabulary for the children to learn how to say and recognize months in Chinese. We will also incorporate both positive and negative feelings in the second part of the theme: feelings.

On Monday, I taught vocabulary pertaining to a week and months

through the use of the classroom calendar and a possible scavenger hunt for reinforcement. Miss Jesse and I will both teach vocabulary in terms of days of the week, but will split the task for months: I will do months 1-6 and she will do months 7-12.  A song and dance for both the week and month will be incorporated for a movement activity. Jesse will teach with her materials on Tuesday. On Wednesday, I plan to teach basic vocabulary pertaining to feelings. This will be done through the use of emotion flashcards. The children will make an emotional face stick and can talk about experiences that caused them to have particular feelings.  Lastly, a song and dance linked to this Youtube video will be used for a movement activity and for reinforcement. Jesse and I will split our teachings of feelings with our emotion flashcards to avoid repetition.

Jesse will teach with her materials on Thursday.

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