Give Children Words

Some call it a language bath. It means talking to your child, bathing your child in words.

It means asking your child questions, even if he or she can only respond

in limited ways, or not at all.

It means pointing to or touching objects and naming them, and then describing that object in more detail.

It means going for a walk in your neighborhood and naming things that you walk past together. This may seem like your talking to yourself, but you're actually speaking for and to your child. He or she begins to learn the connections between words and things. We know that reading aloud to children is important as they look at the pictures in the book, but supporting the development of oral language is also very important.

Children begin with receptive language: they hear the words and begin to understand them. Slowly they develop expressive language: the ability to say words and short phrases. Oral language supports learning to read. The more language children hear, the larger their vocabulary will be. There are countless opportunities to give these language baths, and every one contributes to learning

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