From the Director

Dear Parents:

Please welcome Jessie Finley to our staff! Jessie is the wife of GVA's principal, Dave Finley. She has been helping out GVA in the front office, so you may have seen her there. Jessie is from China, for those who do not know her, and she has agreed to work with Jadee Jin to teach our Mandarin class on the days that Jadee has other commitments this semester. Jadee is here on Mondays and Wednesdays and Jessie is here Tuesdays and Thursdays. On Fridays, Miss Deepali (who also knows conversational Mandarin) will review with the childrenCelebration Time!!  Wet found out that our licensing rating was increased from a Colorado Shines Level 2 to a Level 4 (out of 5)!!  Thank you to all our families who participated in our surveys and put up with the changes we made over the last year to achieve this.  I am so proud of my staff and their hard work!  Good luck to the other Global Village International Preschools who are going through this process too! Teachers Needed!!I am still looking for teachers for Spanish and French so please let me know if you know of anyone who may be interested!!  Thank you. Sept. 12-22, 2017:  Lisa Out on Vacation

  • Please see or email Kim Wieck for daily issues in Room 104 or at  Molly Boyles and Judy Johnson, other GVIP Directors, will also be here to help.

Sincerely, Lisa StrattonGVIP FC

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