From the Director


It has been a really fun summer learning about many different countries as well as continuing our High Scope Curriculum.  The children have enjoyed water day on Wednesdays too.  Wednesday, August 9th was our last water day. 

This year we are offering Chinese and Spanish languages classrooms.  The children will be taught in the native language in the morning, and English in the afternoon. 📷 Reminders

  • Please have your child at school by 9am.  

  • This is so important, as the preschool day starts at that time.  

  • Spanish/Chinese circle time is a key component and if your child arrives after 9am, they are missing out on this important time.  

  • Like wise, school ends at 3:30pm.  If they get picked up before that time, they are missing out on English circle time and activity.

  • Do not allow your child to bring any toys from home to school.  It is always a problem.  We need your help with this.  If a child is bringing toys to school, the items will have to stay in Ms. Patty's office until the end of the day, and this is upsetting to your child.  Our classrooms are loaded with all the toys and materials needed for a great learning experience. (The only exception is a stuffed animal for nap time, that stays in the naptime bag until needed )

  • A quick reminder, to send your child to school with sunscreen on, so that they are good to go outside for morning recess.  The teacher's will re-apply for afternoon recess.  

Preschool Staff Updates

  • Ms. Cindy, our Chinese teacher, has accepted a position at the Denver Language School.  After two years, we will miss her dearly.  Ms. Wang is our new Chinese teacher, and we are happy to have her on staff.

  • Welcome to Ms. Laurie, she will be working in our toddler room.

  • Congrats to Ms. Joan!  She has been promoted to Assistant Director.  She will be in the classroom as well.  She will work the early morning shifts, and Patty, the Director,  will work the afternoon shift.  Please let either of us know if you need anything to make your child's school experience a great one!  We look forward to getting to know all of you.

  • We are thrilled to have all of our wonderful returning Teachers : Ms. Stephanie, Ms. Ann, Ms. Marcela, and Ms. Isabel.

Back to Preschool RemindersThe first official day of 2017-18 school year, is Aug. 14th.  At that time you will be given the following paperwork:

  • A new "Statement of Health" must be signed by your child's Doctor and returned to us by August 30th. 

  • A signed  "emergency medical authorization form," authorizing us to seek medical attention for your child for this school year. 

  • An " Income Eligibility Form."  for our State food program. You may or may not qualify for discounted meals and snacks, however, it helps us if you fill this out regardless, as we get a reimbursement on all of our meals and snacks served at our school. 

  • A supply list for the school year.

  • A Calendar for the school year, listing all closures, holiday, and special events.

Your child's teacher will have this packet to send home with you the week of Aug. 14th.  Please return everything no later than Aug. 30th.  Colorado ShinesSome exciting news!  We have worked for may months with the quality initiative program from the State of Colorado called "Colorado Shines."  This is a high quality rating system, that goes above and beyond state licensing standards.  We are excited that we will be rated this month on our program.  A team of experts will spend time at our school and rate our program.    As part of that, a parent survey will be sent out via email.  If you could please respond, this will help us achieve more points towards our score.  We need your help filling our great school!  Please refer friends and co-workers to our school.  We do have a low Teacher-Child ratio at our school, however, we must fill our classrooms to be a successful school.

We look forward to a great school year all working together as a team! Sincerely, Patty BrownGVIP Parker 

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