Classroom Updates


This week we talked about different colors and practiced counting numbers. We practiced coloring.

Next week we will be learning about feelings: We will learn emotional words like angry, happy, sad and scared, silly and excited. We will show class different photographs of children so that they could describe what the child in the picture was feeling. Social/emotional learning in early education supports core behavioral elements such as persistence, planning, flexibility, resiliency, the ability

to understand and communicate one's feelings, and capacity to collaborate.

Days of the week and months: We practice these every day. It provides an opportunity for children to become familiar with the days of the week and the months of the year. It will be really interesting to ask our friends about birthdays because they will say dates and months. It will be good opportunity to learn. Painting and play dough are the kids' favorite activities.

PreK 1 I hope you all had a great weekend. I was so excited to return to school after my short vacation and seeing  all the smiling faces that I had missed. Last week we spent some time on creating a Together Quilt. Each child designed a sheet of color paper with their favorite thing and then we threaded them all together, it looks amazing hanging in our cl

assroom. Please take sometime and take a look at the quilt. For science we placed three separate food items under plastic magnifying glasses in hopes that they grow mold. Every morning the first thing that the children do is to run over to the sensory table to see the changes. The children also made a poster of  WANTS and NEEDS they're able to understand the difference clearly knowing that their body needs items to survive and items they like to have but they don't need them to survive. The poster is hanging in the classroom next to our calendar. This week our theme will be Feelings, Days of the week and Months. We talk about feelings everyday so we'll create a feeling flower. Our song of the week will be Three Are Seven Days and the month song. Each child will design a colorful leaf with their birth date on it and from then on we'll group them together to create a birthday wall. We'll talk about the seasons and in our sensory table each day of the week will contain something to do with the season for the day. I will try to plan a walking field trip Spring Canyon Park to collect different type of leaves and flowers. Please bring in family pictures for our family wall and family book.

Thank you, Ms. Kim

PreK 2 We will spend this week focusing on the calendar. The children will begin to understand the number of days in the week and which ones they spend at school. We will also learn how weeks make up months, and months make up years. Activities and projects will include seasonal elements, as we begin to grasp the concept of time and change. Social Emotional Development will focus on feelings. The students will continue to learn to distinguish their emotions and to communicate with each other in safe and appropriate ways. Role playing and the game of charades will help the children to have fun, while "tackling" this important domain. Our Tree mural is just about ready to be covered in fall colors. We only need two family pictures to complete our Family leaves! If you would like me to snap a picture for you, please don't hesitate to ask. I want each child to feel included in this whole class project.

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