Class Updates

Preschool Hello Parents,

For past couple of weeks we have been learning about families, Kids got family pictures from home and we were talking about Mom, Dad, Brothers, and Sisters. They said they enjoy going on hikes, visiting places like the zoo, walking ,biking and so on. Kids were happy to talk about families and things they do together.

We also learned about the 5 Senses; Smell, Taste, Hear, Touch and Sight. For example, smelling flowers and perfumes and tasting sweet and spicy. They did wonderful finger painting where they got to touch paint. The kids played musical instruments. Each student played a different one so that they could hear the music. Recently, we learned about neighborhoods and homes. They learned about different shapes by gluing them on paper where they made houses, trees, and drew people around them. We talked about vocabulary words such as swimming pool, parking lot, cars, buses, trees, park, etc. They now know about community helpers such as; doctors, police, firefighters, etc. For Language skills, we will all review these vocabulary words again: Families, 5 Senses, body parts, and neighborhoods and homes.  For Mathematical skills, they will get to build houses with different shapes and sizes and build with blocks. Thanks for sending us family pictures, however, we are still waiting for few more, so when you get a chance, please send those in. Thank you. PreK 1 Last week we talked about neighbors and our families. All the children were very excited that they were able to stand up in front of the class and talk about their families to their friends. Many of them realized that they all were different such as living in different houses, had more or less siblings, ate different food and the list goes on. Some said "I have no neighbors only grass and animals" and others told us about their neighbors. The children made a neighborhood out of different size boxes and design them to how they wanted them to look. They made roads, farms, lakes and even a zoo using zoo animals. During our science experiment we tie dyed a paper towel into three different colors and every day the towels seemed to be different in color each day.  This week will be a review of what we learned the past month. Ms. Kim PreK 2 We will spend this week wrapping up our recent Creative Arts Expression projects. Our Family Tree will be adorned with leaves that the children make. As the season turns to Fall, the student's Tree will begin to reflect this change. Please remember to bring in a family photo that can be added to the tree mural.  Our town has been the focus of this past week; the children have claimed parcels and made houses and town center buildings, using recycled materials. We will continue to play with our town and add elements to it as we progress through the upcoming themes.  Literacy Knowledge and skills will be a review of the words and letters we have been learning these past three weeks. Students can choose to make name books, and practice writing their names as they sign in each day.  Math lessons will continue to focus on the numerals 1 - 20.  Pre-K Ms.Amy

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