Class Updates


Recognizing different colors is always exciting. Kids learn a lot from stop lights because it has red, yellow and green. They will learn colors and numbers while promoting their fine motor skills.

Coloring is always a fun activity. Coloring provides children with a project that promotes hand-eye coordination. It also involves patience, a valuable quality at any age. Children however are learning that there is a direct correlation between the movement of their hand and what appears on the paper. They will learn to identify numbers and activities about numbers and learn how to count.

Thanks very much for sending family pictures. Please don't forget to bring in family pictures. (for those who didn't get chance to do it. PreK 1 We will spend this week learning about colors and numbers. We have been learning about the numerals 1-20 and will continue to apply their meaning to our daily lessons. Mathematics Knowledge and skills will continue to sharpen as the students play "Number Bingo". Primary colors will be the foundation of our Creative Arts Expression, as we learn to mix colors and discover their different values. Words of the week include color, primary, value, shade, and tint. Literacy Knowledge and skills will include opportunities for the children to make sand letter books of their favorite colors. Fall is upon us and the temperatures are dropping. Please remember to send appropriate outerwear with your child, especially for morning drop off, as we do play outside sometimes. PreK 2 Last week was a review of the 5 Senses, Families, Neighbors and Homes. The children were able to tell me and explain to me our 5 senses. We talked about our neighbors and homes realized that we all are different and the different is good. We shared stories that had happened in our families such as a new dog, a day in Denver and a hike. They really love to be able to talk about their families and share their experiences with their friends. We even did a cool science experience that had to do with growing sea animals in water. The children placed a dolphin, octopus and a lizard into a container of water and we were able to watch them grow daily. I will be on vacation starting Thursday the 21st and returning September 28th. Lisa will be the teacher those days so please make her feel welcome as the children always do. We I return Thursday and Friday we'll be spending time working on numbers and shapes. Thank you all and enjoy your week.

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