Learning Centers
  • Art Center: The art center encourages creativity through a variety of materials: paper, paints, brushes, easels, play dough and modeling clay, crayons, chalk, scissors, collage materials, etc.

  • Block Center: Block play helps children develop motor skills and learn about basic concepts of architecture and engineering. Block play also helps children learn to work with others and gives them creative design opportunities.

  • Cozy Corner & Writing Center: This center has familiar books and letter tools to encourage letter recognition, phonetics, and beginning reading skills. It also has a variety of materials to support writing.

  • Dramatic Play Center: This center encourages creativity through pretending and role playing with costumes, puppets and puppet shows, and toys and tools like brooms, dustpans, workbenches, etc.

  • Manipulatives Center: The use of manipulatives (i.e., pegboards, puzzles, table toys, lacing beads, stacking sets, etc.) encourages the development of fine motor skills through activities like sorting and building.

  • Math Center: This center has games and tools that encourage counting, number recognition, and simple math. It is equipped with play money, counting toys, dice, abacuses, number boards and games, measuring tapes, rulers, balances, flash cards, math puzzles, and fun math games.

  • Music Center: This center has percussion instruments, simple wind instruments, music playing equipment, etc.

  • Science Center: Basic scientific principles, including collecting and examining, scales to determine heavy and light, determining hot and cold, are explored in this center.

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