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Congratulations GVI Preschool Aurora!

On October 12, 2016, the Early Childhood Council presented Global Village International Preschool Aurora a plaque as a way of recognizing their quality Preschool and Early Childhood Program. Congratulations to Judy Johnson, GVIP Aurora and her staff for all their hard work!

Is Language Immersion Right for My Child?

Chances are, as a parent of a GVIP student, you have asked yourself this question at least once, if not a few times. For some parents, they seize the opportunity to have their child enrolled at a language immersion school with gusto and some are a bit more reserved and questioning, even after enrollment. Heather Singmaster, addresses this common concern in a recent Global Learning Blog on the Education Week website.

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Apple Seeds

Sleep, Sweet Sleep

Getting enough sleep is critical for everyone. This is especially true for children. We know that sleep is important for proper brain development in infants. Studies with animals suggest that sleep is as vital as food for survival.

Give Children Words

Some call it a language bath. It means talking to your child, bathing your child in words.

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